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Hunter and Bozo!

This page is dedicated to Hunter and Bozo, our company mascots, and all of their friends!

Congratulations to Hunter for winning Lite Rock 105's "My Pet Rocks" contest!  Hunter would like to thank everyone that voted for him!  He will be featured in the April 2012 edition of Rhode Island Monthly magazine and treated to $250 worth of spoils at the Rumford Pet Center!

Hunter is a red and white (rescue-Warwick) Beagle.  He is 7 years old as of January 2015.  Hunter is a very loving, playful dog WITH A MASSIVE APPETITE! :-)  His hobbies include dragging his owners down the bike path, socializing with his doggie friends, sniffing absolutely EVERYTHING, playing with children and beta testing upcoming operating systems and software (umm, just kidding on the last one :-)  Hunter chills out with the technicians in the lower level service center of Blue Moon Computers, during the morning then transitions upstairs at the end of the day to meet and greet our valued customers.  Stop in and visit Hunter today! 

Bozo is a tan and white (rescue-North Kingstown) Puggle.  Bozo is 7 years old as of June 2015.  Bozo is a comedian (hence, his name) and has an unbelievable amount of energy (YouTube videos coming soon...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :-)